We love introducing our readers to amazing works of art by innovative artists, and the works of Thomas Yang, creative director at DDB Singapore, fall directly under this category. At first glance, you might think that some of his most popular works are mere depictions of internationally famous buildings and structures. But don’t be surprised if you notice something else upon closer inspection–all of the pictures are crafted using bicycle tire tracks!    

Meet Thomas Yang, the talented individual responsible for a range of creative endeavors. Among his most popular works are a line of prints sold at 100 Copies, all of which revolve around a central theme of cycling:

“A collection of art prints that not only feature, but is also driven by, the passion for cycling. As with cycling, speed is of the essence, so each piece of work is limited to 100 copies only.”

▼Artist Thomas Yang


Although the site sells everything from stickers to shirts to tote bags, one of the most popular items is a set of posters called Tyre Tracks Series–New York, Paris, London & Beijing, created using nothing but the imprints of tire tracks. The prints were so popular that they initially sold out, but Yang released the series again in a second (and final) edition last month. As of this writing, each set of four is selling for US$360, and there are 28 sets remaining:

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Furthermore, the singularity of each poster is guaranteed by the presence of a 100 Copies original stamp: “Each piece of work will be stamped, labeled with the title and edition number. As such, no two copies are ever completely identical.”

▼Check out the unique artistic process:


Let’s take a look at the four individual prints that are bundled together in this limited time only set:

1. “The Cyclist’s Empire” (Empire State Building, USA)

“A celebration of New York’s rise as a cycling city. 7 different types of bicycle tyre tracks were used to create the Empire State Building, to reflect New York’s ever-growing tribe of cyclists – from the daily commuter to the delivery boy.”


2. “Bicycle Mon Amour” (Eiffel Tower, France)

“Ride down the breezy boulevards of Paris and you’ll see why it’s easy to fall in love with its cycling culture. The Eiffel Tower was re-created using 12 unique tyre tracks, as a tribute to a romance that goes far, far beyond the Tour de France.”


3. “God Save the Bike” (Tower Bridge, England)

“Come traffic, hell or high water, nothing will stop London’s rising bike culture, thanks to its protected cycle lanes. Admire its leafy parks and iconic architecture, including the Tower Bridge, meticulously crafted here with 11 unique tyre tracks. Keep calm and ride on.”


4. “The Unforbidden Cyclist” (Forbidden City, China)

“Like rice, the bicycle is deeply ingrained in China’s culture. Once a sign of backwardness, the “people’s vehicle” is now enjoying a hip revival. 11 unique tyre tracks went into creating the Forbidden City – one of which belongs to the legendary Flying Pigeon.”


Like what you see? Show your support by purchasing Mr. Yang’s beautiful prints today!

Source/Images: 100 copies; h/t: Bored Panda