Anime 404 - YouTube.clipular (1)
I thought I watched a lot of anime, or at least the number of times someone told me to “stop spending so much time watching anime” put me under such an impression. Apparently I wasn’t viewing anime as extensively as I had imagined, a realization I came to after encountering Anime 404, an incredibly bizarre mash-up video of various anime, songs and trend references. It’s pretty difficult to describe this crazy clip in words, but to put it simply, I think it is what I would call “chicken soup for the anime lover’s soul”. If you like anime, you’ve got to see this!

Anime 404 was created by YouTube user Baka Oppai, painstakingly putting together characters from over 30 anime series in the most unpredictable fashion. This four-minute video clip of animation chaos apparently took four months to complete, and touches on a variety of ridiculous trends in recent years that went insanely viral for no explainable reason. Such as…

▼ The Harlem Shake.

▼ This is probably a no-brainer. Gangnam Style, of course.

▼ Nyan cat.

Anime pregnancy tests.
Anime 404 - YouTube.clipular

All right, that’s enough talk for now. You need to watch this video to realize the genius in it.

How many of the featured parodies and anime series could you recognize? Hop over to the video’s page to see the full list of references. After watching that video, I felt an overwhelming urge to study (and by “study”, obviously I mean to watch more anime).

In the meantime, if you enjoyed the video, here are a few more similar clips made by Baka Oppai prior to Anime 404. They’re not as polished and epic as his latest installment, but entertaining nonetheless!

Source/Images: YouTube