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As someone whose eyes are closed in about 20 percent of his pictures, I’ve always thought it must be nice to be naturally photogenic. If nothing else, you must save a lot of time not having to snap a half-dozen photos in the same spot, just in case you look goofy in all but one.

For example, I have a hunch this group of capybaras in Kyushu looks good from just about any angle. Well, except maybe the one that would have revealed the gross activity they were actually involved in at the moment the shot was taken.

Located in Kumamoto Prefecture’s Aso, Aso Farm Land is one of the many rural amusement parks/resorts you can find dotting the Japanese countryside. Aside from hot springs and day spa treatments, the facility also has arts and crafts workshops, obstacle courses, mazes, restaurants, and even cabins for overnight guests.

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There’s also a small zoo, primarily filled with barnyard animals like sheep, ducks, and rabbits, plus a few monkeys and alpacas.

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The big stars, though, seem to be the petting zoo area’s capybaras. The world’s largest rodents seem to enjoy the Japanese lifestyle, as exhibited by their leisurely dips in outdoor baths. In turn, Japan, which has a soft spot for anything cute, is pretty enthralled with capybaras, given that they seem to look adorable no matter what they’re doing.

Want proof? Take a look at this photo tweeted by Aso Farm Land.

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Awwww, just look at those little guys! How fun would it be to rush right over there and sit down in the center of that circle of cuteness?

Except, before you do that, you might want to stop for a second and consider the full-sized image.

And maybe we should think about the message the animal’s caretakers wrote up at the top of the photo, too:

“They’re in the middle of taking a dump.”

Like we said, capybaras look cute doing anything.

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Source: Hamster Sokuho
Top image: Twitter
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