The internet can never get enough of cats can it? One cat in Japan has gone viral among netizens after its owner shared its little daily routine on Twitter. Can you guess what it’s trying to do?

According to its owner, the cat, Maru, has gone on a long quest to roll over the chestnut on the lid of her cup. Without fail, it will reach out its cute little paws in attempts to get the chestnut to, well, behave like what it should were it a normal chestnut. Of course, as the human calmly observes, since the chestnut is part of the cup cover, it will never topple over. However, that doesn’t stop Maru from his daily challenges.


Amused netizens commented,

“Cats will always be cute.”

“Let me give him some real chestnuts!!!!!”

“Nothing is impossible if you never give up. This cat has taught us a lesson.”

“Please come to my house. I will give you lots of chestnuts to play with!”


Even without the chestnut-rolling, Maru is still quite the adorable cat.

I don’t know about you, but I am just a little tempted to send Maru a huge sack of chestnuts.

Source/Images: Twitter, h/t Hamusoku