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The holidays can be a lonely time if you live alone. Sure, having a little time for yourself is nice and all, but there are only so many nights in a row you can spend silently sipping bourbon and staring out at the falling snow before it starts to become legitimately depressing/arguably alcoholism.

That vacuum of isolation when you step inside, shut the door behind you, and realize you’re totally alone can be a serious downer. So today, we’re sharing an extremely easy life hack to, even if just for a second, make you feel like instead of coming home to an empty apartment, you’ve got a group of friends waiting for you.

While this trick can be done in any country, for it to work you’ll have to get in the Japanese custom of taking your shoes off in the entryway of your home. Once you’ve established that as your normal routine, this should be what going home from school or work looks like.

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▼ <sigh>…so lonely…

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Yup, nothing says “empty home” like an empty entryway. But the opposite can be true too, so instead of tidily putting away whichever pairs of shoes you’re not wearing that day, leave them scattered around just inside the door

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…and, for a brief moment, you might trick your brain into thinking, “Hey, all of my soooo many friends must be here for a party!” Sure, all of the lights will be off, and you won’t hear anybody, but…umm…that just means it’s a surprise party…for you!

▼ Ahhh, you guys are the best!

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Really, the possibilities are endless. For example, feel like your life could use a little more romance? Leave a pair of shoes for the opposite sex in your entryway, and feel your heart skip a beat as you step across the threshold.

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▼ Sure, high heels are nice, but you shouldn’t overlook all the fun to be had with a sporty, active girlfriend, either.

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If you’re going for a party scene, though, remember that layout is key. Ideally, you want a mix of different types of kicks, laid out in a manner that reflects the unique personalities of their individual owners.

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Those truly gifted in the art of illusion (and delusion) may want to try out advanced techniques, such as crafting a storyline through subtle shoe placement.

▼ For example, we can see Miss Sneakers is harboring a one-sided love for Mr. Loafers, who’s competing for the heart of Boot Girl with the aggressive Nike Guy. Hiking Boot Dude, on the other hand, is tired of dealing with all their drama, and just wants to get inside and grab a stiff drink as soon as possible.

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Like we said, there’s an infinite variety of tales you can tell with your messy entryway. One fantasy we don’t recommend, though, is that you’re part of a big, happy family that’s blessed with many children. Once word gets out that you’ve got an apartment full of tiny shoes, even though your neighbors know you live alone, we imagine your need for imaginary company might lead to a very real visit from the police, just to make sure you haven’t been eating the neighborhood kids.

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