Turn heads with a pair of takoyaki makers.

Whenever there’s an opportunity to add a dash of Japanese food to our wardrobes, we embrace it with loving arms. So we’re currently clearing a spot in the shoe cupboard for these new sneakers from Japan’s famous takoyaki chain, Tsukiji Gindaco.

▼ The new shoes have been created in honour of the chain’s 25th anniversary.

These kicks might look plain at first glance, but looking closer reveals a number of fun details.

▼ Don’t mistake which one you should slide your foot into!

First off, the sneakers come in a red-and-white colourway, to match the colours of Gindaco, and each one includes the name of the chain on the heel.

Produced in collaboration with Japanese sneaker brand “blue over”, this shoe is based on their popular “mikey” model, and each one is hand-finished with unique elements for Gindaco.

▼ The collaboration between the two companies is honoured on the inner sole with the Gindaco logo and the words “tsukiji over”

▼ The shoes are made with thick, high-quality nubuck, giving them a smooth, velvet-like look.

The star element of the shoe is the part that hits the pavement, as the sole is specially designed to look like the bottom of the iron plate commonly used to make takoyaki.

▼ The bumpy sole replicates the iron plate used by Gindaco and includes the name of the chain, in its familiar font.

Plus, the sneakers come in beautiful trapezoidal boxes that mimic the boxes used by the chain to serve takoyaki.

There are two ways to get your feet into these new kicks, with the first being a Twitter campaign that runs from 14 March to 13 April. This campaign will award 88 lucky winners with a free pair of these limited-edition sneakers, and to enter, simply follow the official Twitter account of Gindaco Tsukiji and retweet the below tweet.

▼ Winners will receive a pair in their desired size, with a special limited-edition numbered label on the tongue.

Those who don’t want to leave their luck up to the takoyaki gods can place an order for the shoes online, where they’re priced at 24,750 yen (US$209.82) per pair. They’re certainly an investment piece, but when you consider the fact that each pair is hand-finished and made to order, they’re actually reasonably priced, especially for such a unique limited-edition product.

If you’re in the market for food fashion that’s a little more affordable, though, you can always check out these Japanese restaurant brands you can wear right now.

Source, images: PR Times
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