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Because sometimes superhero boots are just not that comfortable.

After 50 years on air, Ultraman has become an iconic hero of the modern Japanese age. He’s such a staple of Japanese TV that he is being included in a set of themed “working hero” shoes released by Converse All Star.

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Is Ultraman really a normal everyday working hero? Who else is part of this line-up?

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Mechanic, astronaut, hunter, fireman, police officer, Ultraman??? Maybe it’s not that Ultraman is some normal “working hero”, but that the people who do these other jobs are actually working superheroes!

If you are ready to take on the responsibilities of Ultraman, the super flashy red and silver Ultraman R Hi All Star will cost you 9,500 yen (US$88.80). However, that isn’t the only Ultraman star getting a brand new set of shoes. Collectors can also grab a pair of Baltanseijin R Slip Ox for the same price, or some Eleking R Hi for 8,500 yen ($79.45).

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While some of the working hero shoes are already available, you’ll be able to get the Ultraman shoes starting in July. If you are an Ultraman and a Converse fan, these new shoes are the perfect combination for your working days. And, if you are ever called upon to act like a hero, you’ll be wearing just the right shoes for the job!

Source & images: Converse Japan