Six Pokémon, ten different designs…how could we choose?!

Converse has done it again! The Japan branch of the company is always coming out with awesome, limited-edition anime and pop culture shoes and accessories, representing franchises like Kirby, Hello Kitty, and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, and this spring they’re collaborating with Pokémon to produce ten awesome shoe designs for both adults and kids.

Already available are six different designs of All-Star Light Child’s shoes: three designs featuring Pikachu and one each for Eevee, Piplup, and Mew. Each of the Pokémon has a high-top design with a velcro strap over the tongue in a color scheme that represents it. For example, Pikachu’s is yellow, Eevee’s is brown, Piplup’s is a baby blue, and Mew’s is black so that the print of Mew stands out on it.

Each of the shoes also has two different prints of the Pokémon around the heel, so there’s no doubt that your little ones will love them!

An old-school holographic Converse ankle patch also decorates these high-top kids’ shoes. Depending on the angle you’re looking from, it changes from the All-Star logo to a Poké Ball, Great Ball, Ultra Ball, or Master Ball to match the color of the shoe.

The other two shoes in the All-Star Light Child’s Pokémon line are sneaker style with a velcro strap over the tongue and have a really cool neon Pikachu design. With bright green Pikachus and lightning bolts plastered all over a black or white background, these shoes stand out! Plus, they glow in the dark, and what kid doesn’t love that?!

The Pokéball decorated heel tab adds a nice final touch to an already really cool shoe.

All of the All-Star Light Child’s Pokémon shoes retail for 6,600 yen (US$50.59) and come in a special, colorful Pokémon shoe box.

Coming soon for adults is a collection of four high-top, All-Star Light Converse shoes in the classic canvas style. Featuring Pikachu, Eevee, Charizard, and Mewtwo these shoes come in four different vibrant colors and matching shoelaces to represent each Pokémon.

▼ Left to right, top to bottom: Pikachu, Eevee, Charizard, and Mewtwo

Even the sole matches the Pokémon!

▼ Mewtwo’s shoe

Though the representation is more subtle for the adult shoes, the fan service is there. The tongue of each shoe has an 8-bit Pokédex picture of the Pokémon together with the All-Star logo.

Plus, on the outer edge of the shoe by the heel, the Japanese name of the Pokémon, its Pokédex number, and its height and weight are printed on the shoe like a Pokédex entry. There’s no mistaking the wearer for anything other than a Pokémon fan!

▼ “Lizardon” is Charizard’s Japanese name

The adult All-Star Light High-Tops are expected to be available this month and will sell for 9,900 yen. They will also come in a special shoebox, which is red and white to look like a Pokéball.

When they become available, you can buy them from the Converse Japan Official Online Shop or at stores that carry Converse throughout Japan. The kids’ shoes are already available for sale, so if you have a little Pokémon fan in your life, why not snag a pair for them? Wear them together with your new Pokémon tees from Graniph and wear your Pokémon-inspired nail polish colors–both of which have both kid and adult options–to really show off your love of Pokémon!

Source: WWD
Top image: Pokémon
Insert images: Converse (1, 2)

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