These made-in-Japan sneakers are super cool!

If you’re a Gundam fan, and especially a fan of the classic anime from 1985, Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, you’ll want to ready your wallets. P-Bandai, the official store for the Bandai Namco Group, is selling sneakers decorated with motifs from the beloved show, made by popular Japanese handmade shoe brand SpingleMove.

They’re mid-cut sneakers with a side elastic, a leather top, and a sole made of vulcanized rubber, and each shoe is made entirely in Japan. They come in three different designs featuring different mobile suits from the anime in retro color schemes. The first pair, for example, is based on the Zeta Gundam and has a blue background with “Zeta Gundam”, the Anti-Earth Union Group logo, and the Gundam’s head printed in orange and light blue.

The top of the shoe and the heel are royal blue and the shoe laces are white, which matches the white elastic side and gray-and-white striped sole.

The second is designed after the Gundam Mk-II Titans Model. It’s got a purple base with the MK-II Titans markings as well as the silhouette of the mobile suit’s head in red and dark gray.

This one has the most variety of colors, with a blue tongue and black top, held together by black laces, and a matching purple sole. The elastic side and heel are also black.

The final design is based on the Hyaku Shiki and is gold, black, and navy blue just like the mobile suit itself. The patterned area is a cool gold metallic color, with the Hyaku Shiki name in Japanese and the Anti-Earth Union Group logo printed in black.

The side elastic and heel are navy blue to match the blue-and-gray rubber sole. The top and tongue is a different shade of gold from the main part of the shoe, and accented with black shoelaces.

Each pair is available now for 30,800 yen (US$210.22) at Strict-G, P-Bandai’s designated Gundam apparel store, in Odaiba, Tokyo; Tokyo Soramachi; Neopasa Shizuoka; and Taga SA in Shiga Prefecture. You can also order yours online through the P-Bandai Strict-G online store through September 3, but supplies are limited, so they may already be sold out. Shoes purchased online will ship in September.

These shoes make for some pretty cool swag representing a classic Gundam series, so they’re likely to sell fast. Don’t miss out on your chance to snag them! What better way to rep your Gundam fandom than wearing these shoes to visit the Gundam Factory Yokohama?

Source, images: PR Times
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