Busy looking for a last-minute Christmas present for your Pokémon-obsessed significant other? Look no further! This special edition Pokémon x Tomica collaboration arrives just in time for the holiday season. Just look at the detail and that beautiful, familiar shade of bright yellow. I’m totally forwarding this article to Santa (my older sister).

The second in a series of Pokémon x Tomica collaborations, this Pikachu car is from the Dream Tomica franchise produced by toymaker Takara Tomy in which adorable tiny cars are made to resemble a seemingly endless assortment of characters, from Hello Kitty to Snoopy.

We just can’t get over the detail that went into this car, from the sharp, “tough Pikachu” eyes that are actually the headlights, to the red patch on his cheeks that gets perfectly replicated in the model. If you ever dreamt of having a Pikachu car, this is it! Take it to a car remake store and tell them you want it this way.

Excited netizens are as excited as we are about this awesome toy:

“This is so cool.”
“It looks fast.”
“It looks super-deformed.”
“Is this the Transformers version of Pikachu?”

If you’re lucky enough to pop by any of the Pokémon Centers, this Dream Tomica will be yours for just 700 yen (US$5.90). They will also be available at all major toy stores that stock Tomica starting January 17 next year.Now, if only we could get a full-sized version to cruise around town in…

Source/Feature image: Pokesoku