When it comes to Japanese 100 yen stores, there really isn’t anything you can’t find. Previously, we’ve looked into the most handy products, a consumer report of the must-haves and products to avoid, and we’ve even put together disaster preparedness kits using their wallet-friendly products.

The owner of Daiso, one of Japan’s largest 100 yen store chains, may not have the most confidence in his company, but for the most part it seems like people love Daiso. While most products are pretty awesome, some shoppers have been finding some really strange products and product displays. Join us after the jump for some weird amusement, 100 yen store-style.

▼ What a steal! 100 yen for a vault horse?! Wait, a what…?


A vaulting horse? It’s pretty safe to say that gymnastics equipment like this costs a few (thousand) yen more than 100. In fact, I looked it up and the cheapest one I found on Rakuten was nearly 4,000 yen (US$33). I know that Daiso is all about the good deals, but this seems more like an employee trying to get rid of some stuff from his house.

▼ Care for a game of dark karuta?


Karuta is a card game where players must find the picture card correlating with what is being read from a different card. There are many variants, but one of the product designers behind this set of dark “Trivia Karuta” cards must have been having an especially good time. The sample card shown on the box reads “Oh no! Oh no! The guard is coming!” matching with a picture of two prisoners, one of whom is indulging in illicit behavior.

▼A kanji drill book seems innocent enough.


Daiso has everything, even books for kids (or foreigners!) to learn to write and read kanji. This kanji drill book, however, is a little on the vulgar side. The character on the left reads, kin (gold), the right one reads, tama (ball). By themselves these characters are quite innocent, but put them together in this order and they become kintama, “gold and jewels,” or informally, “testicles.”

▼ Terminator computer mouse.


While smartphone charging cables are really good to buy at Daiso, apparently the store’s computer peripherals aren’t quite as reliable. While the idea is good, this luminescent computer mouse is not the best design, with the bright red light focused in only one spot.

▼ “Oh, she’s cute!”

Camera 360

Some products may not be the best, but regardless of the quality of this cooling ice pillow, one Twitter user was sucked in by the drawing on the front, remarking how “…the girl is so cute!”

▼ Eri-chan (left) and her long-lost sister Rika-chan (right).


Apparently, Daiso stocks a “Fashion Doll” by the name of Eri-chan. One Twitter user saw her somewhat striking resemblance to a popular Japanese doll named Rika-chan. Twins perhaps?

▼ Janet Jackson-chan may be more appropriate here.


Eri-chan has a few more issues to worry about aside from her potential twin sister– like not being able to keep her clothes on, even while still in her package. Come on Eri, you’re in public.

▼ Whoever disrobed Eri-chan probably made their way over here next.


With pornographic material easily available at any convenience store in Japan, is it so strange to find an adult video section and school-girl porn at Daiso? I guess not, but for 210 yen, I can’t imagine it is the best quality…

▼EXILE’s fans have a magnetic attraction to them.


At one Daiso, someone found the word “EXILE”–the name of one of Japan’s most famous and long-standing boy bands–spelled out in the magnet section. Apparently, their fans really love them, to the point of taking the time to rearrange magnet letters in the dollar store.

▼ A little over cautious aren’t we?


RocketNews24 does not by any means condone shoplifting, but is it really necessary to have that many security cameras in a 100 yen store? After all, almost everything in the store is dirt cheap. We agree with this Twitter user who thinks the security here is a little excessive.

I love Daiso even when things go a little awry. It just makes the shopping experience more enjoyable, you never know exactly what you’re going to get! I just hope the owner doesn’t have a panic attack over this article.

Source: Matome Naver
Top Image: Wikimedia Commons

Images: Twitter (1, 7) TwitPic (2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10) yfrog (5, 11), Rakuten