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What do you do when the sky itself seems to divide itself right before your eyes? It’s like yin meeting up with yang, or a horrible dark and gloomy day facing off against a beautiful sunny one.

But why let the weather confuse you when RocketNews24 will explain it for you? Sit back and relax as we tell you why the sky is fighting itself in Taiwan.

In Taiwan, they actually call these clouds 陰陽雲 (inyokumo), or “yin-yang clouds”. Their cool name really tells a lot about what they are, two opposing forces suddenly meeting in the sky. Surprisingly, this cloud phenomenon isn’t as rare as you might think, but capturing a picture such as this is quite rare.

yin yang 3Image: Karapaia

Usually occurring during winter evenings, the differences in air pressure and temperatures in the atmosphere create this heavenly divide.

You go this way, I go that way.

IMG_1738Image: RocketNews24

A similar phenomenon occurred recently in Japan, with the skies above the city of Sendai in Tohoku forming the incredible cloud formation pictured below, as if a wall of cloud was slowly encroaching upon a clear blue sky.

yin yang 1Image: Karapaia

While some in Japan might attribute this menacing sky as the harbinger of bad news, we think it would be something of a stretch to attribute this sky to the 5.0 magnitude earthquake which occurred in Fukushima, five days later on November 3, 2014.

yin yang 4Image: Flickr (César Astudillo)

Science, baby! It’s what these clouds are. It isn’t fortune telling, but you would be fortunate to see skies like this, so be sure to send us a pic if you do!

Source: Karapaia
Feature image: Karapaia