Earlier this week, a Japanese driver noticed something strange on the highway: A truck carrying a giant Pikachu. However, the poor Pikachu couldn’t see where he was going due to his eyes being covered by a cloth. This image has led many netizens to think the worst about where that truck was heading…


The comments seemed to be separated into three groups: Those saying goodbye to an old friend, those claiming foul play, and those in denial that this situation is going to end badly for our yellow pal.

Those optimistic viewers made comments such as: “He’s just being shipped somewhere else,” and our personal favorite, “An electric car?

Others were not as hopeful, referencing “Donna Donna,” a Yiddish song about a calf being taken to slaughter and other morbid images:

“Donna Donna, Pikachu’s on his way…”
“Ash: Thanks for everything, but I can make it without you now.”
“The impermanence of worldly things…”
“The inevitable execution.”
“The ups and downs of life.”
“Farewell Pikachu!”

Some were angered, seeing this as a kidnapping or execution set up by Pikachu’s enemies or his new rival Jibanyan, the Yo-kai Watch character who is spookily similar to Pikachu and clearly trying to usurp his thrown as King of Japan.

“The drivers of the car must be Team Rocket!”
“It must be Jibanyan’s doing!”
“Jibanyan is the worst!!”
“It looks like he’s fleeing the country!” (and Yo-kai Watch, presumably)
Tale of Heike…” (An epic account about two families fighting for control of Japan in the 12th century).

Even if Jibanyan and the rest of Yo-kai Watch are starting to take Japan away from the beloved the Pokemon, the Pikachu camp is still going strong, so don’t worry. Thankfully, the morbid end of one Pikachu doesn’t harm the billions of other toys, figures and fans that are still electro-shocking the world.

Source: Hamusoku
Image: Twitter (@kamosio157)