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A while back, we took a look at some Japanese wedding receptions that took cues from Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda and Konami’s Beatmania rhythm game. Japan isn’t the only place where fictional fandom and romantic nuptials cross paths, though.

This month, an American couple that seems to love Sailor Moon almost as much as they love each other took their vows, and not only are the outfits they wore for their ceremony the classiest cosplay we’ve seen in a long time, they’re just the beginning of the wedding’s many elegantly beautiful anime-inspired touches.

The bride, Michelle Nguyen, is a professional event planner who also has experience working in the wedding and hotel industry. So when she and her fiancé decided to tie the knot, of course Nguyen was going to play an active role in coordinating her own wedding. Right away, the self-professed otaku knew just what the theme should be: Sailor Moon.

▼ Sailor Moon’s Crescent Moon Wand can be seen in the lace pattern on the back of Nguyen’s gown.

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But while Nguyen and her husband are huge anime fans, they’re also fashion-conscious adults. So instead of exactly copying the outfits and accessories of the Sailor Moon characters as they appear in the show, they instead chose to incorporate subtle elements of their designs. For example, the bridesmaids’ dresses wouldn’t look any more out of place in the court of the Moon Kingdom than a formal dinner here on Earth.

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▼ The bride poses with her bridesmaids and their wands.

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Since wearing a tuxedo is the norm for grooms, Nguyen’s fiancé didn’t need much in the way of extensive wardrobe modifications to evoke Sailor Moon’s male lead, Tuxedo Mask.

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As the moon itself is sorely lacking in suitable wedding venues, the couple instead held their ceremony and reception at Los Angeles’ Oviatt Penthouse. Built in the 1920s at the height of the art deco movement, the stylish surroundings added an additional layer of sophistication to the proceedings.

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And once the ceremony was over, there was a Sailor Moon wedding cake for everyone to enjoy, with the Tuxedo Mask figure’s hair repainted from black to blond to match the groom’s.

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All of these photos, and more of the beautiful ceremony and reception, can be found on Nguyen’s blog, I Am Chubby Bunny! The site is also worth checking out to see Nguyen’s other artistic endeavors, although we’re guessing updates will be somewhat sporadic until after the honeymoon.

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Source, photos: I Am Chubby Bunny!
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