apple stove

Getting a fancy new computer is always fun, but then you’re left to get rid of your outdated clunker. Sure you can send it off to be recycled, but think of all the good times you’ve shared with your old computing buddy.

One Japanese Mac Pro user couldn’t part with his desktop, so he decided to give it a second life − as a stove. A rocket stove, to be precise.  By adding a burner to the top and an exhaust pipe at the bottom, behold the “yakiringo” (grilled apple).

Apple has gained quite a following with their computers, music players, and phones over the years. Based on the comments from the fan base, it seems like Apple could do pretty well going old-school selling stoves. Maybe CEO Tim is already “Cook-ing” on an Apple Stove himself.

Source: Hamusoku
Image: Twitter (@puriketz)