An unexpected visitor stops by our cheap Japanese house in the countryside【SoraHouse】

Proof that when night falls, nature comes out to play in the Japanese countryside, like something out of an anime film.

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How to eat well at a cheap Japanese house in the countryside with no electricity【SoraHouse】

No convenience store food allowed during this sleepover!

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Tearing down the ceiling at our cheap Japanese house in the countryside【SoraHouse】

Renovation work reveals an exciting surprise — beautiful beams in the ceiling.

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Turning a crazy cheap country Japanese house into a home — Step 15: Trash to Treasure【SoraHouse】

How much money can we make from three truckfulls of trash?

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Turning a crazy cheap country Japanese house into a home — Step 14: Before and After 【SoraHouse】

Finally we’re seeing some real progress take place!

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Turning a crazy cheap country Japanese house into a home — Step 12: Workwear【SoraHouse】

What’s the most appropriate clothing for renovating a property in Japan?

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Turning a crazy cheap country Japanese house into a home — Step 11: Dig for treasure【SoraHouse】

We unearth some unusual finds at our old property in the countryside.

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Turning a crazy cheap country Japanese house into a home — Step 10: Mysterious water【SoraHouse】

Dare we drink the water from this strange source we discovered on our property?

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We throw a bubble party at our cheap countryside house in Japan【Video】

A soap bubble guru is born at the SoraHouse.

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What happens when our team starts renovating our cheap countryside house in Japan?

The SoraHouse becomes a playhouse for our reporters.

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Before and After: Renovating a rundown rental property in Japan

Apartment renovation in the middle of Tokyo is a DIY inspiration. 

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Tokyo capsule hotel renovates to become a convenient capsule coworking space

Desperate times call for innovative measures.

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Abandoned Japanese houses transformed into stunning modern homes

Before-and-after photos of revamped vacant houses combine traditional beauty with modern style.

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Depopulation in Japan leads company to renovate two apartments into one huge living space

Innovative new renovation style creates the most spacious apartments Japan has ever seen. 

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American man living in a disused airplane plans to make Japan his next stop

Most people get restless on flights over three or four hours long, but one Oregonian man has been living on an airliner for 15 years, and says he now has eyes on Miyazaki, Japan for his next destination.

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Steve Jobs? More like Stove Jobs – Mac Pro computer makes a comeback as a stylish cooking device

Getting a fancy new computer is always fun, but then you’re left to get rid of your outdated clunker. Sure you can send it off to be recycled, but think of all the good times you’ve shared with your old computing buddy.

One Japanese Mac Pro user couldn’t part with his desktop, so he decided to give it a second life − as a stove. A rocket stove, to be precise.  By adding a burner to the top and an exhaust pipe at the bottom, behold the “yakiringo” (grilled apple).

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Love Disney? These Adorable Mickey and Minnie Hotel Rooms Are For You!

Ah, the wonderful world of Disney! With the holiday festivities swinging into full gear, there’s bound to be a lot of fun and magic going on at Tokyo Disney Resort this time of the year. Well, Disney lovers, in a few months, there will be one more reason for you to visit the land where dreams come true.

The Disney Ambassador Hotel, long loved by Disney fans for its Art Deco style interior containing numerous Disney character motifs and surely a delightful place to stay for any visitor, will be going under partial renovation and reopen on February 6th next year.

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