It was a moment all romantics dream of: He’s sitting in a train stopped at a station when he locks eyes with a cute girl waiting on the platform… but then the train leaves, the girl is gone forever and he’s left with nothing but the memory. This happened to one lucky guy, but unfortunately, the other person saw the experience a little differently.

After our hero’s moment of romance, he quickly posted about it on the internet:


“Just now on the train, I saw this girl (about my age) outside of a window like this [standing on the platform] and we locked eyes for like 5 seconds. I’m so happy now. Thank you.”

How sweet! This young man experienced a special moment with that girl on the platform. She probably felt the same sparks flying, so she must have also tweeted about it, right? Well… not exactly: 


“Just now, I was standing outside of a train and there was this gross otaku guy (about my age) inside. He locked eyes with me for like 5 seconds. That was really unpleasant. I could die…
…By the way, I’m wearing girls’ clothes.”

Ouch! So, the mesmerizing “girl” on the platform found the moment very unpleasant. But to make matters worse, she was actually a boy?! Either he’s quite an effeminate boy or the guy on the train needs to get his eyes checked!

But wait a second, this all seems pretty fishy. Both posts were spotted and retweeted by an apparent mutual friend, Twitter user @um_hmwr. What are the chances of this strange and complicated situation actually occurring? Pretty slim! Some netizens think it must have just been a game among friends, a ploy to get some laughs. Real or not, we’re laughing.

Source: Jin, Twitter (@um_hmwr)
Images: Twitter (@um_hmwr),  
Pixabay (ThePixelman)