When this senior citizen saw someone drop their wallet in a crowded station, he used the power of teamwork to return it.

“Relaxed” is not a word that often gets used when describing trains in Japan. Because the trains are so punctual, some people plan their schedules down to the exact minute, sometimes diving into crowded carriages mere seconds before they pull away from the station, perhaps not even having finished the beer they just purchased.

But even in this rushed atmosphere, some people find, or rather make, the time to show kindness to others, like Japanese Twitter user @poppop31853240.

@poppop31853240 was recently walking through his local train station as another man was rushing to get to his train. In his haste, the man dropped his wallet, but failed to notice and continued hurrying on his way.

Actually, at first @poppop31853240 didn’t notice the dropped wallet either. Instead, it was picked up by an elderly gentleman. However, while the senior’s perceptiveness is as keen as ever, his legs no longer have the strength of a younger man, and though he gave chase, he was unable to catch up to the wallet’s owner.

At that moment, though, the older man and @poppop31853240 locked gazes. As he handed @poppop31853240 the wallet, the older man directed @poppop31853240 with his eyes towards the wallet’s owner, and @poppop31853240 sprinted ahead, as the second member of the impromptu relay team the pair had formed.

“It’s been at least five years since I’ve run that hard,” @poppop31853240 tweeted, “but I fulfilled my duty as the anchor, and passed off the baton,” he jokingly reports, having successfully returned the wallet to its owner.

The story touched the hearts of Twitter users, who praised the good Samaritans’ quick-thinking and teamwork with comments such as:

“Seriously, you and that old man are both so cool.”
“You guys make a great team.”
“When two sportsmen lock eyes, it’s like a sort of telepathy helps them understand one another.”
“Back in his youth, I bet the old man could have caught up to the owner. It’s like a changing of the guard between generations.”
“I want to buy you both a sports drink to say thank you for your hard work.”

Considering how ridiculously hot Japan is right now, a cold drink is definitely in order after the sudden sprint, as is a round of applause for the reminder that as hectic as train travel in Japan can be, having so many people crowded into the rail network means there are probably some genuinely kind people walking right next to you too.

Source: Twitter/@poppop31853240 via Hachima Kiko
Top image: Pakutaso
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