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Travel-in-Japan hacks: Fukuoka Airport’s Lounge Time North seriously impresses our reporter

The cool part is that anyone can use it, even if they’re not planning on getting on an airplane.

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We visit the 24-hour male-only sauna just outside of Hakata Station and ponder a strange sight

The spa is only a two-minute walk from Hakata Station in Fukuoka City

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There’s a shrine and strange scene waiting for you at the top of this Japanese train station

Before you hop on the train out of Fukuoka’s Hakata Station, visit the kids of good fortune in their shrine in the sky.

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Spooky dystopian “State of Emergency” ads make Hakata Station feel like the world of Evangelion

These ads make us wonder if we’re taking the state of emergency seriously enough! 

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Man detained for 2013 Hakata Station threats now filming himself sticking toothpicks into snacks

Back in June 2013, RocketNews24 ran an article about the threats of attack on Fukuoka’s Hakata Station. The perpetrator was subsequently caught and sent to a juvenile detention center, but now less than two years later, he’s back to making YouTube videos of himself stealing from stores and destroying merchandise.

His latest “prank” video shows him sticking a toothpick inside some unsuspecting customer’s snack and is currently under investigation by Tokyo police.

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Series of YouTube videos threaten attacks on commuters at Hakata Station on June 14

Bulletin boards in Japan are hot with rumour and speculation today after videos recorded by an as yet unidentified Japanese male threaten random knife attacks on members of the public at stations in Japan, with Fukuoka’s Hakata Station ultimately named as the spot where the attack will take place.

Although neither the following article nor the videos within it contain any graphic imagery, some readers may nevertheless find their content disturbing.

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