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Genre streams that is! There isn’t an ’80s movie that is more perfectly matched for an anime makeover than Ghostbusters. The story is flawless, the ghosts would feel right at home, plus all the crazy special effects could be easily accomplished through animation. The fact that they were able to do all of that in a live-action movie is part of what makes it such a classic.

This parody simply nails the movie, but you don’t have to take our word for it, you can see for yourself after the jump.

The YouTube channel Nacho Punch is no stranger to 1980s-style anime parodies, but this one feels just right. Set in Tokyo and drawn in a style of animation perfect for the era in which the movie and original animated series were born, the Tokyo Ghostbusters really shine in their one-minute debut.

“Who you gonna call?”

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Since this parody is set in Japan, a few of the familiar Ghostbuster details have been changed to fit the Land of the Rising Sun. The team chows down on curry udon and travels around busting ghosts in a Japanese hearse.

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The role of Slimer is played by a green version of Whisper from Yokai Watch.

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The rest of the ghosts and baddies are assembled from some other very popular youkai (demons/monsters) from Japanese folklore. You can see Rokurokubi (long-necked youkai), Kappa, and Karakasa Obake (the one-eyed umbrella).

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Just as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man rumbles through the streets of New York City, a giant Doraemon is the oversized terror in this parody. The Tokyo Ghostbusters climb up Tokyo Tower in order to get a better vantage point to fight off the robot cat ghost menace.

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It’s a wonder why this mash-up didn’t happen sooner. The cartoon TV series of The Real Ghostbusters did a fine job of expanding on the universe after the movies, but a Japanese anime version done in the 1980s style adds a little more wackiness that is always welcome with the Ghostbusters name. Great work, guys!

Source: Net Lab
Screenshots: YouTube (Nacho Punch)