Ginza Sony Park offers chance to be a Ghostbuster in AR ghost hunt

If there’s something strange in your neighborhood of Ginza, who you gonna call?

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Japanese female comedians go old-school in Ghostbusters cover that’s faithful to 1984 original

They ain’t afraid of no 32-year-old arrangements.

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Japanese burger chain exorcises its demons with awesome new Ghostbusters menu

With a Marshmallow Man burger and a Slimer ghost shake on the menu, an empty belly is the only weapon necessary.

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Sony teases us with “Ghostbusters Proton Pack” April Fool【Video】

Oh, Sony, why are you doing this to me?

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Fan parody of Ghostbusters set in Tokyo is totally “crossing the streams”【Video】

Genre streams that is! There isn’t an ’80s movie that is more perfectly matched for an anime makeover than Ghostbusters. The story is flawless, the ghosts would feel right at home, plus all the crazy special effects could be easily accomplished through animation. The fact that they were able to do all of that in a live-action movie is part of what makes it such a classic.

This parody simply nails the movie, but you don’t have to take our word for it, you can see for yourself after the jump.

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