We visit the oldest remaining Komeda Coffee cafe in Japan for a retro blast from the past

And it did not disappoint!

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These retro cafe bath salts smell so good you could almost eat them (though you shouldn’t)

Bask in the glory of Japanese ’80s-era cafes with bath salts that smell like dessert!

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Blast from the past as this year’s makeup trends inspired by looks from the ’80s and 2000s

Travel back in time with these retro-looking hair and make-up styles!
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Home workout fun: Get in shape with Creamy Mami magical girl anime exercise videos

“Creamy exercises” with a Japanese CG pop idol makes “butt training” and “punch time” fun.

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Akihabara in the ’80s looked very different to Tokyo’s otaku mecca today【Video】

Stroll the streets of Electric Town at a time when computers and video games were just beginning to appear on the scene

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The Japanese ‘80s are back at this Tokyo photo studio that turns you into a Bubble Era-idol【Pics】

Fire up your city pop playlist for a visit to Asakusa’s legendary Marubell, where the ’80s never totally went away.

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Japanese Twitter obsessed with app that revives the VHS camcorder recording quality of the ‘80s

The app turns your high quality smartphone camera into a handheld VHS camcorder

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We check out Shinjuku’s video game theme bar and get a neat EXP bonus, enjoy whacky plate-ups

Grab your Virtual Boy and ready your quarters, it’s time to knock back a shot of gaming nostalgia!

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New Famicom Mini commercial emulates original 1983 Famicom ad but with crisper graphics

Thirty games isn’t all the Nintendo Classic Mini Family Computer is reviving.

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Natsukashii! Japan’s Twitter users in their 30s share items from their youth, get all nostalgic

It’s weird being in your thirties (or thereabouts) in 2015. Kids today have no idea what a struggle it was for us growing up in the days before smartphone selfies, dumb internet trends, and myriad modern technological conveniences. Wait, what are we saying, it was absolutely awesome! For ours was a more innocent childhood, full of VHS tapes, talking on phones connected to the wall by a wire, and clunky dial-up internet that still felt like the greatest thing ever invented.

Japan’s 30s club is no different; they too are nostalgic for the relics of a simpler past. And in this article, we round up 22 nostalgic items that Japanese Twitter users say sum up their idyllic childhoods. But how many of them (if any) are the same as those we in the west enjoyed?

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Fan parody of Ghostbusters set in Tokyo is totally “crossing the streams”【Video】

Genre streams that is! There isn’t an ’80s movie that is more perfectly matched for an anime makeover than Ghostbusters. The story is flawless, the ghosts would feel right at home, plus all the crazy special effects could be easily accomplished through animation. The fact that they were able to do all of that in a live-action movie is part of what makes it such a classic.

This parody simply nails the movie, but you don’t have to take our word for it, you can see for yourself after the jump.

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Go back to the 70s and 80s with a retro iRecorder for your iPhone

There’s no denying that smartphones are awesome. They can send messages, let you browse the web, take photos and play thousands of songs, all while fitting into your pocket, ready to be used anytime, anywhere. But for some of us, none of that convenience can compare to the fun of fitting a cassette tape into a cassette player and pressing play.

Now there’s a gadget that lets us have the best of both worlds: the joy of thousands of songs combined with the lost art of old-school push button technology. Now that fluoro’s back in fashion, there’s never been a better time to pull on those leg warmers, download some Madonna circa 1985 and experience music the way it used to be.

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