One of the best parts of traveling to other countries are all the new and exciting (and sometimes even gag-inducing) food experiences that come with it. While some may turn up their nose at something like fermented cabbage, fish eggs, or animal innards – something which is strange and exotic to one culture but a completely normal food to another – these likes and dislikes really have little to do with personal tastes, and everything to do with upbringing.

I believe that it is very important for kids to be introduced to many different cultures from a young age, to help give them a better understanding of and respect for the world around them, and what better way to do that than by introducing foods from other countries? That is what the people over at YouTube channel Cut Video did, when they created their video “American Kids Try Breakfasts From Around the World”.

As we all know, kids can tend to be picky eaters, so introducing them to unknown foods is sure to bring a few sour faces, as you can see in the video after the jump!

As mentioned before, food preferences is mostly a result of upbringing. If a child in the US was given those delightfully putrid, slimy natto soybeans that a lot of foreigners in Japan have a hard time getting used to, that child would most likely grow up liking them. The trick to getting a child to like a certain food is offering it to them multiple times. It is natural for kids to reject foods after the first try, as even a Japanese mother in The New York Times’ article that inspired this video admits that the first time she gave her daughter natto the poor girl threw it up, though now it is now one of her favorites.

Regardless, watching kids react to tastes they’ve never experienced before is always good for a laugh.

▼The fish we eat is usually dead, kid…


As noted in the comments of the video, these aren’t all 100 percent accurate representations of each country’s breakfasts, so instead of viewing this as an introductory to foreign cuisine, you’ll just have to take it as it is and enjoy the kids’ cute reactions. And hey, not all of them are negative!

Was your country misrepresented? Was your country not represented at all? Share with us what you eat in the morning!

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Images: YouTube