We’re not saying that you’ll develop the same powers as “Devil Child” Nico Robin after eating it, but you never know. 

As the resident archaeologist member of the Straw Hat Pirates’ main crew in the long-running hit anime series One Piece, Nico Robin is one of the franchise’s most popular characters around the world. Her backstory involves eating the Hana Hana no Mi (literally “Flower Flower Fruit”) Devil’s Fruit as a young child, which gives her the ability to replicate and reproduce her body parts from any surface at will.

The design of the Hana Hana no Mi in the anime is quite elegant with its gorgeous pink petals and swirl designs, so we suppose it was really only a matter of time before being adapted for real-world consumption. Tokyo’s Salon Bake & Tea, operated by apparel and lifestyle company Jun, has recently done just that and baked up a new Hana Hana no Mi fruit tart in collaboration with cake specialty site Cake.jp, a platform that partners with bakeries all throughout Japan.

▼ Hana Hana no Mi in real life

The baked tart is 12 centimeters (4.72 inches) in diameter and made using creamy Échiré butter. The stunning outer flower petals are made from individually assembled pieces of white chocolate cream dyed pink.

The inside of the tart reveals a layer of peach mousse followed by a core filling of juicy pieces of peach jelly preserved in syrup. All in all, it’s just as lovely to look at as it is to eat.

The Hana Hana no Mi fruit tart went on sale on July 22 and can now be purchased online from Cake.jp for 4,400 yen (US$32.30). Please note that it’s delivered in a refrigerated box and is meant to be thawed to room temperature before eating. There’s no word yet on whether you’ll be able to sprout extra limbs after tasting, so be sure to let us know of any unusual developments. You may also want to pair it with another dessert to cool down in this darn heat as well.

Source, images: PR Times
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