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The Playstation 5 has been notoriously difficult for customers to get their hands on. Despite having been on sale since November last year, people all over the world are still struggling to get their own system. Even here in Japan, the birthplace of the PlayStation, people are literally putting themselves in danger to get their own console.

Sony’s online store offered a lottery system to potential buyers, where people could apply to be selected to buy a PlayStation, to prevent re-sellers and bulk buyers taking advantage of the console’s limited supplies. Similar systems have been used in stores around Japan, and the official Sony online store opened their virtual gates to potential buyers on January 26th.

However, eagle-eyed entrants noticed something wasn’t quite right with the application page. Even non-Japanese speakers will be able to spot the huge error in the image below.

“PlayStaiton? Is this a fake? It’s from the official Sony store, so I guess it’s a new model!”

The lottery application page claimed that you could apply for a chance to buy a PlayStaiton 5 by clicking the link. The applications have since closed and the spelling mistake has been corrected, but not before netizens screenshotted the heck out of the embarrassing typo.

The blunder caused an uproar among Japanese netizens, who pounced on the typo with glee.

“PlayStaiton? Are we sure this isn’t some kind of fake?”
“Hmm… I’m holding out for a PlayStation 5, so I don’t think I’ll enter this lottery for a PlayStaiton this time.”
“PlayStaiton? This is so half-assed, lol!”
“Hope they release a limited edition with a PlayStaiton logo.”
“I actually prefer the name ‘PlayStaiton’ to ‘PlayStation’. It’s more charming!”
“This is going to go down in history.”
“I wonder, will there be a PoliceStation 5 next?”

While most of the comments were amused at the blunder, some were sympathetic. One user commented: “They’ve just mixed up the t and the i.”

It’s certainly not the first time a big Japanese company has made an embarrassing English error, but you’d think Sony would at least have the spelling of their own product that they’ve sold since 1994.

Applications for the lottery have now closed, and all entrants can do now is hope and pray that they get chosen. For that extra boost of o good luck, they should probably visit the holy otaku shrine itself!

Source: Yahoo News via Jin
Image: Pakutaso
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