Now you can soak in the Colonel’s 11 secret herbs and spices.

KFC Japan has been doing everything it can to get our attention over the years, offering us special items like disposable finger sheathsPokémon goods, and even packed bento lunches. Now they’re turning heads with a new novelty product that’s got everyone talking in Japan, and this time it’s something you can soak your body in.

Behold the KFC bath bomb, a product designed to make bath-time smell like fried chicken. Its official title, “Chicken Smell? Bathing Powder” is an apt description of the surprise your nostrils will experience when you get into the bath after using the product for the first time.

Cleverly moulded to resemble a KFC chicken drumstick, the new bath powder has been created in collaboration with Village Vanguard, a Japanese novelty retail store chain that knows its stuff when it comes to food-like bath salts. Last year, they released a whacky lineup of bath powders featuring enticing aromas like pizza, beer and miso soup.

▼ Now Village Vanguard has combined forces with the fast food giant to create a bath bomb that looks and smells like a chicken drumstick.

Unfortunately, the only way to get your hands on one of these little delights is by being one of 100 people chosen by lottery to receive one each day, as part of a campaign that runs from 1-15 November. To try your luck in the lottery, simply follow the official KFC Japan account, and then retweet the tweet below with the hashtags #KFCのアノ香りand #秘伝のコンビパック(which translates to #thatsmellofkfc and #secretcombinationpack).

Those lucky enough to win one of these will receive the product in a red-and-white KFC-branded box, which makes it feel like you’re really receiving a piece of fried chicken. Everyone who enters the campaign will receive a coupon to buy a Secret Combination Pack of chicken for 550 yen (US$4.83) instead of the usual price of 750 yen.

Source, images: KFC Japan