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Anyone who regularly reads my ramblings here on RocketNews24 will know that I’m steadily building up a sizeable list of geeky trinkets I intend to pester my loved ones for this Christmas. From chocolate video game controllers to bars of soap shaped like Game Boy cartridges, very few of my Christmas wish-list items would look out of place on a child’s letter to Santa.

But when the trinkets are as awesome as this replica, LED-laden Mega Man helmet, I really couldn’t give a Jimmy Riddle what anyone else thinks: they belong on the list.

Brought to us by the good people at ThinkGeek, this replica helmet and its stand/charging unit are made of the kind of chrome resin that we can easily imagine a real-life Mega Man and his arm cannon being made of. The helmet is too small to be worn, sadly (or perhaps thankfully for those who have to live and work with me), but when put on its stand it glows:

▼ Lights off

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▼ Light on. Oooooh!

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The US$99.99 helmet is USB-powered so that it can easily be charged by your computer or games console, and just small enough to sit on your desk without being intrusive. The helmets are also individually numbered and made with the backing of Capcom, the folks behind the much-loved Mega Man series, so you can be safe in the knowledge that any brags about your latest geeky purchase would not be out of place.

Here’s ThinkGeek with more details:

Product Specifications  

  • For the first time ever in this scale, own a detailed replica of Mega Man’s helmet
  • Helmet is removable from stand
  • 4 USB-powered LED lights shine on helmet (on/off switch)
  • When plugged in, helmet side lights will illuminate when on stand (even when stand lights are off)
  • Limited Edition – individually numbered
  • Officially-licensed Mega Man collectible
  • Materials: Chrome resin
  • Includes: Helmet, stand, USB cable, AC adapter
  • Dimensions: 
    • Helmet only: approx. 5.25″ x 5.75″ x 4.5″ 
    • Helmet on stand: approx. 6.75″ diameter x 9.5″ tall
  • Helmet Weight: approx. 1.8 lbs

I’ll answer my wife’s (and probably some of your) question here and now: no, this helmet doesn’t “do” anything. But LOOK at it: It’s Mega Man’s helmet, and it glows in the dark like it’s on display in the Blue Bomber’s very own armoury! Of COURSE it’s going on my list of nerdish seasonal greed.

Curse you, ThinkGeek, why must you keep showing me shiny things!?

Source/images: ThinkGeek via Netorabo