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If there’s one thing that makes video gaming even more fun than it already is, it’s appropriate snack food. And while we’d never normally suggest that chocolate and controllers could possibly be a good combination (seriously, greasy controllers are a big no-no), we can safely say that you won’t find a more appropriate gaming fuel accompaniment than a plate of tiny, edible classic controllers.

Cease your prattle and accept my cash immediately, good sir! ThinkGeek is currently selling sets of Classic Game Controller Silicone Molds for just US$9.99 each, and we’re officially stabbing their info page with a big, red “want” flag.

While you will of course have to supply your own ingredients, these bendy baking/setting trays allow you to create (hopefully) delicious miniature creations in the shape of your favourite yesteryear video game controllers.

Here’s ThinkGeek with more info:

“Each Classic Game Controller Silicone Mold lets you make two copies of three different controllers. And these aren’t generic controller, oh no. They’re the ones we remember made by such companies as Sorny, Nimtempo, and Saga. With your Classic Game Controller Silicone Mold, you can make ice cubes, candy, or even little controller cakes (just make sure to grease and flour the molds first). Make some goodies using a Classic Game Controller Silicone Mold or few, and you’ll have the best game release party ever!”

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▼ I don’t even care if they won’t fit in my glass, I want these with whiskey immediately.

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▼ The PlayStation pad could be tricky to eat, but that NES controller looks divine.

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Each of the controllers the mold produces measures about 2.9 inches in width. Too small to mistake for your actual controller, certainly, but just the right size to shove into your ridiculous face while yelling at the members of your fireteam in Destiny or making off-colour remarks about your friend’s mother while dominating them in Super Smash Bros.

Now, if you’ll excuse me I’m off to “accidentally” tag my wife as I share this post on Facebook and mention how great a Christmas gift this would make…

Source/images: ThinkGeek