McDonald’s Japan recently launched a limited time menu option called the teriyaki chicken and egg with Seto lemon sauce. The Seto Inland Sea is famous in Japan for its warm climate and top-notch citrus, so you would think a Seto lemon sauce would put the already popular teriyaki chicken and egg into stratospheric levels of demand.

That doesn’t seem to be the case, though, and the culprit may be McDonald’s own commercial, which viewers are calling “dirty” and “gross”.

Take a look and see if you can spot the objectionable content.

Did you spot it?

It seems that what people are up in arms about is the sauce smeared around the actors’ mouths, as many of the comments on the video show.

“That’s so filthy I lost my appetite.”
“Gross! LOL!”
“Nobody wants to see food smeared all over your mouth.”
“That is completely gross.”
“Nobody is going to watch that commercial and want to eat after.”
“My god, that is disgusting.”

You’d think the country that brought you bukkake would have a higher tolerance for a little sauce gone astray. [If you’re unsure what ‘bukkake’ term means, be sure to also type “Wikipedia” when typing it into Google, and for the love of god don’t click Image Search – ed]

Where I come from, getting a bit messy with your food means you are enjoying it, particularly in the language of fast food commercials, and I’m sure that’s what McDonald’s was going for with this spot, but it doesn’t seem to have played well with a fastidious Japanese audience.

Next time don’t forget the napkins, Micky D.

Video and image: McDonald’s Japan
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