It’s April, and in Japan that means a whole new crop of young, fresh-faced workers politely inching their way onto packed trains and nervously trotting into office buildings while wearing suspiciously clean and pressed office attire.

But what of the lazier portion of the population? The folks who are no longer in education, have yet to secure gainful employment or are undergoing training to become something worthwhile? These NEETs, as they’re known in Japan, have a busy schedule ahead of them as they settle into a daily routine of doing “sweet FA“, as my mother might say. But being a true slacker involves a surprising amount of work, as this great little parody video tells us.

Riffing on the term NEET, this mock recruitment video depicts a “Not Employment Embattled Team” of young slackers learning how to be a true drain on society and get the least out of their day. Documenting everything from the need to avoid coming into contact with the evil sun until almost midday, to lessons on preparing for upcoming comic events which may actually require some form of exertion, the video teaches us that NEETs are a vital part of Japanese society, there to swoop in and recruit those who have had enough of it all and would rather spend the day in their underpants playing Candy Crush.

Watch and learn (or, you know, don’t), Rocketeers!

Are you doing all you can to keep your home peaceful?

h/t Anime News Network
Featured image: YouTube – N.E.E.T 自宅警備隊宅外派遣