After eight years as a NEET, our reporter shares the one thing that helped him escape that life

How to turn that blank in your resume into the inspiring story of your life so far.

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Hokkaido and Osaka team up to send NEETs to agricultural sectors to do some productive work

It’s time for Japan’s recluses to step out of their comfort zone and change the world.

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Survey asks Japan’s ex-NEETs if they miss their lazy, carefree days after finally getting a job

Japanese people not in employment or education have said “If you get a job, you lose!” but how do they feel once they actually join the workforce?

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25-year-old NEET running for Chiba city council seat, partly on platform of fiscal responsibility

Japan uses the term NEET to describe adult members of the population who are neither working nor going to school (not, in actuality, a special forces-style combat brigade). Broken down into its components, the acronym stands for “not in education, employment, or training.”

Of course, nothing in the label says anything about not being in government, which is why one ambitious Japanese NEET is running for city council.

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NEET “recruitment” video pokes fun at Japan’s laziest

It’s April, and in Japan that means a whole new crop of young, fresh-faced workers politely inching their way onto packed trains and nervously trotting into office buildings while wearing suspiciously clean and pressed office attire.

But what of the lazier portion of the population? The folks who are no longer in education, have yet to secure gainful employment or are undergoing training to become something worthwhile? These NEETs, as they’re known in Japan, have a busy schedule ahead of them as they settle into a daily routine of doing “sweet FA“, as my mother might say. But being a true slacker involves a surprising amount of work, as this great little parody video tells us.

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New species of orchid discovered in Japan, exhibits anti-social behavior

On 7 November Kenji Suetsugu, a researcher at Kyoto University announced that he discovered a brand new type of orchid. The flower was found in April of last year on the island of Takeshima (not the same Takeshima that’s in dispute between Japana and Korea) in Kagoshima Prefecture.

Not only is finding a new species of plant a rare occurrence, but this particular orchid is quite unique in that it neither requires photosynthesis to live nor does it bloom at all.

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South Korean media alarmed as study shows 1 in 5 young people is NEET

On 20 May the International Labor Organization (ILO) released their Global Employment Trends for Youth 2013 report which outlines the employment environment for people aged 15 to 29 in nations around the world.

Among the statistic were NEET rates among 34 OECD countries’ young people. A NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) rate is the percentage of youth who are not working or in school of any kind.

On average, 15.8 percent of tens and young adults fall in this category in developed countries. The following is a full list of the studied countries.

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