Given the size and longevity of the adult entertainment industry, it’s safe to say that such products serve a purpose in societies everywhere. However, one purpose for which adult videos should never be used is as travel guides for visiting other countries.

You might think that would be common sense but apparently we can’t stress the point enough after there has been a recent spate of molestation committed by foreign tourists who claim to have thought it was normal behavior in Japan after watching Japanese adult videos.

According to Focus Asia there have been three separate incidents of foreign visitors overstepping their bounds. In one instance a suspect was caught trying to capture images up women’s skirts while riding an escalator. Then in another case a Chinese tourist was reportedly caught grabbing a woman’s buttocks inside an adult goods shop.

And then we have the case of a man arrested for lifting the skirt of a woman while riding the train. This last incident appears influenced by a scene from the classic 1993 AV Nurse Monogatari staring Miki Mayuzumi…or maybe something else. I don’t know because I don’t watch the stuff.

Reports claim that one foreign suspect confessed to police, saying, “Watching Japanese adult videos, I thought the people here were open about sex. I thought molesters were everywhere.”

All three men are currently in custody and deliberations with the victims’ lawyers are being held to determine if criminal charges will be pressed, or if they can find some other settlement. If they go to trial the men face a maximum of six months in prison and 500,000 yen (US$4,000) fine, or if the cases involve any form of assault the prison sentence can go as high as 10 years.

As the news hit Chinese media, readers responded with the expected level of disgust.

“This is seriously embarrassing.”
“Make them Japanese citizens!”
“I’m all for these guys getting punished by Japanese law.”
“Put the scum in prison for 10 years!”
“They’re as bad as Japanese soldiers.”
“Great, they’ll probably just come back here and f*** up the same way.”

Meanwhile, Japanese netizens had a lot to say about the crimes and their perpetrators as well.

“Yup [molesting] is normal. It’s normal to be arrested for it too.”
“They clearly watch too much porn. Sad…”
“That one guy [in the Chinese comments] watches too many anti-Japanese dramas.”
“It’s probably those ‘women-only’ cars that give people the wrong idea. It’s like that’s the place for women who don’t want to be molested to sit.”
“This is pretty shameful for Japan too.”

And so as all the legal paperwork for these three men are being sorted, we’d like to once again remind folks that, just like in every other country, Japanese porn is in no way indicative of everyday life in Japan, especially all that stuff with the tentacles.

Source: Focus Asia via My Game News Flash (Japanese)
Top Image: RocketNews24