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It’s pretty widely accepted that in the Japanese pop idol world, legitimate musical talent takes a back seat to the ability to project an image. So while you might not need perfect pitch or flawless rhythm, if you want to be an idol, you will need to radiate a constantly upbeat aura, right?

Well, maybe not. A new idol talent agency has just opened its doors, and the company is specifically looking for performers with a gloomy outlook, and is now accepting applications, with no experience required.

On April 1, Mensore Aina, former member of idol unit Ayaman Japan, left the group (or “graduated,” as is becoming the more common way for the idol industry to put it). At just 18 years old, though, Aina is too young to retire completely, and the industrious teen has started her own talent production agency, called Blue Ocean.

Given the success she’s already enjoyed in her young life, you might expect Aina to be all smiles, but in her greeting posted on the company’s website, she opens by announcing “I hate myself.”

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Thankfully, Blue Ocean’s president and representative director perks up a bit after that, going on to say:

“But my friends, partners, seniors, and fans, told me “It’s OK to live in your own way.” That was the impetus for starting Blue Ocean.

Once I had a place where I could believe that, I decided that I want to make somewhere for people who have the same issues that I do, people who have worries, emotional pain, and a desire to disappear. I wanted to make a place where they could believe “It’s OK to live.”

Blue Ocean’s operations will be primarily centered on idol singer and model talent production, along with event and merchandise planning. As a new talent agency, though, the first things Blue Ocean needs is talent, which is why it’s holding open idol auditions. Those interested can fill out the form here, which asks for name, email address, age, and a self-introduction.

Applications are being accepted between now and the end of May. If you’re one of the lucky ones selected to come in for an in-person audition, you’ll want to practice your act, but apparently putting on a stage smile is totally optional.

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