Last summer the Dragon Ball in Science exhibition hit Nagoya amid much fanfare and celebration. Participants were encouraged to immerse themselves in the world of Dragon Ball as reproduced by modern science and technology such as piloting a Flying Nimbus with their minds or communicating telepathically with Goku on King Kai’s planet.

It was a big success, but many complained that they couldn’t attend with it being held out in Nagoya. So now, Dragon Ball in Science is coming to the people of Tokyo during Fuji TV’s Spring Fest 2015 LIFE !S LIVE.

The event, held during the Fuji TV’s annual festival to promote its new season of shows, will also encourage adults and children alike to experience science firsthand as it tries to recreate the magic of the Dragon Ball universe. Some of the exhibits include:

Let’s ride a Flying Nimbus!

The flying nimbus can only be ridden by those pure of heart so climb on top and strap on an electroencephalographic (EEG) reader to see if you make the cut. Then summon your mid-alpha brainwaves to pilot the magical cloud!

Let’s chuck some Hoipoi Capsules!

If you’ve ever wondered how sweet it would be to have Bulma’s collection of capsules that poof into motor bikes and condominiums, now’s your chance. Just pick up a replica capsule and throw it at the screen. Then just watch what improbable piece of machinery comes out.

Let’s fire off some Kamehameha!

In case you missed the chance last time this came to Tokyo, head on down to Spring Fest 2015 LIFE !S LIVE to fire off some energy blasts. Goku will be on-hand to coach you through shooting your first Kamehameha which will come out in three types, small, medium, and large, depending on your technique.

Let’s observe Android#18!

Being held in a Capsule Corp. lab you’ll be free to examine Android#18 up close. Once you’ve confirmed she’s been deactivated you can stand next to her and get a commemorative photo taken. What could possibly go wrong?!

Let’s talk telepathically to Goku from King Kai’s Planet!

Experience the joy and wonder of having Goku suddenly communicate with you while sitting on the toilet with this unique exhibit. There are three booths which upon entering will have you hear Goku speak to you inside your head.

Let’s climb Karin Tower!

Remember Karin Tower which a young Goku once struggled to climb? Well, now you can make it look like a breeze with this optical illusion artwork. Just climb on and take a photo. Then, watch as friends and family flock to get some of your Senzu Beans.

The event runs from 29 April to 10 May at Fuji TV headquarters in Odaiba, Tokyo, and another is planned for Grand Front Osaka from July to August. Stop on by if you’re interested in looking back on the legend of Dragon Ball while looking forward at real technological advancements.


Dragon Ball in Science
Spring Fest 2015 LIFE !S LIVE
Fuji TV Headquarters 22F Forum
2-4-8 Odaiba, Mintao, Tokyo

Wed. 29 April – Sun. 10 May
10:00am – 6:00pm

Tickets: 1,650 yen (US$14) adults, 750 yen (US$6) kids
*Tickets can also be bought cheaper in advance from Lawson and Ministop Convenience stores.

Source: Dragon Ball in Science, Fuji TV (Japanese)
Images: ©Bird Studio / Shueisha Fuji TV Toei Animation