With a population of over 100 million in a land area smaller than California, space is not cheap in Japan. Because of that, many people live in apartments stacked on top of each other, and the idea of living in a house is, for many, just a very expensive dream.

But not anymore! The modern-home companies Yadokari and Azumaya have teamed up to release “Inspiration,” a “minimal house” which they advertize as only costing about the same price as a new car. It’s cute, efficient, built to last, and we want one really badly!

The Inspiration is a 142 sq. ft. (13 sq. m) tiny house that is advertised as comfortably providing living space for up to a family of three. That may sound pretty cramped but you can’t beat the price: the cheapest model is 2,500,000 yen (US$20,800).

Looking at the pictures, it seems like the perfect place to relax, listen to the breeze tickling the wind-chimes, and sip on tea as you contemplate what a cute little house you live in – mortgage and rent free. Take a look for yourself:

▼ The front of the house, complete with porch and rain-guard to enjoy stormy nights outside with a hot drink curled up in a blanket and oh god we’re melting.


▼ What it looks like on the inside. Unclear whether or not the spectacular view comes with the house.


▼ It comes with a cage too, apparently, for separating whose half of the tiny house is whose.


▼ The door by the sink leads to the bathroom, and the ladder next to the back door leads to nowhere.


▼ What it looks like on outside-barbeque day when the rain-guard gets put away.


▼ And the backside, for emergency exits.


Of course before you go off buying an Inspiration tiny house of your own, you should know that the pictures above are all of the “minimal pro” version of the house, which costs 4,500,000 yen ($37,500). The cheaper versions do not include the porch, ceiling lights, and come with some DIY sections… like having to install the floorboards yourself.

▼ “When are you going to install all those floorboards?”
“Enh… I’ll get around to it.”


Another very important item to consider is where you’re going to put the house as well. Unfortunately purchasing the house does not include any land to put it on, so unless you already have someplace lined up to legally park your new Inspiration, the first people to come knocking on your door may be the police.

Thankfully the Inspiration is advertised as only taking up as much space as “two parking spots,” so even if you have to buy a chunk of land it will certainly be cheaper than purchasing a plot for a more traditional home.

If the Inspiration sounds like something you’re interested in, check out their website for more pictures and information. And if you’ve fallen in love with the tiny house but feel sad because you don’t live in Japan, no worries: there’s tiny houses available in other parts of the world too.

Source: Yadokari via Hachima Kiko
Featured/insert images: Yadokari


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