Koala 4

To celebrate Singapore’s 50th birthday, Australia sent four koalas to the Singapore Zoo for what is possibly the best birthday present ever. As one of Australia’s national animals, these four fuzzy marsupials were given top-notch treatment as they were upgraded from the cargo hold to “Koala Class”. Pictures appearing on Qantas’ Facebook page showed exactly how good people and bears have it in business class.

The four koalas, Paddle, Pellita, Chan and Idalia, flew from Brisbane to Singapore on Australia’s national airline, Qantas. They experienced all the amenities one would expect from high-class travel, hot towels, complimentary drinks and food suited for their exact tastes.

▼ “What do you mean I only get one towel?”

Koala 1

▼ “This drink is too fizzy, bring me another!”

Koala 3

▼ “Excellent, shouldn’t someone be fanning me as well?”

Koala 2

Their time in Koala Class was short-lived as they made the actual trip in a specially designed temperature-controlled habitat that was stored in cargo. But RocketNews24 was able to grab a quote from one of the koala’s after their experience, and she called the Qantas service, “Koalaty”.

Seems like a completely missed opportunity though, how many people would be scrambling for a chance to spend some time in First Class with some koalas? It would be the flight of a lifetime. Some might call keeping animals on an airplane “animal cruelty” but that’s just another name for economy class.

Source: 9 News via All Singapore Stuff
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