With a new Dragon Ball show announced for July, now is just about the perfect time to take a quick refresher on the original series! While you could spend a couple of hours browsing through recaps of all the old episodes, or even try rewatching the whole series before July, we have an easier way to remind yourself of all the animated fun.

Check out this awesome animated YouTube video, complete with authentic music clips from the show!


Created by Collectif Plissken, a French audio/visual production company, this video quickly sums up the story of the first Dragon Ball series with authentic music from the show and a minimalist animation style reminiscent of an infographic. And we do mean quick–the YouTube video clocks in at just under three minutes! That’s a lot of plot in a very short period of time.

Titled “A Journey Through Dragon Ball / 30th Anniversary Tribute,” the video is the fastest way to refresh your memory on the series ahead of release of the new series in July. Check it out below! Just a quick word of warning: you may not want to watch it at work since there’s some brief, animated nipple exposure at around 1:50. Just a heads up to keep you from experiencing any embarrassment!

The video by Collectif Plissken bears this disclaimer: “This fan-made video is a non-profit creation only intended to pay a tribute to the original material.” But the company is hardly staffed by mere fans. In fact, they’ve done some pretty awesome work as demonstrated in their showreel below.

They’ve said they are considering another video for Dragon Ball Z, so we have that to look forward to as well! Though, for some odd reason, the company doesn’t look too interested in taking on the GT series…

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Images: Facebook (Collectif Plissken)YouTube