Following Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy, Square Enix has announced a new rhythm game for 2015, this time using music from the Dragon Quest series.

When Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy was announced in 2011, some commenters thought it was a joke. But the game has been an unlikely hit, and Square Enix will be looking to repeat that success with Theatrhythm: Dragon Quest.

The music for Dragon Quest was composed by Koichi Sugiyama, and has to be some of the best-recognised game music in the world. If you’re not humming already, here’s the Dragon Quest overture to get you in the mood:

Theatrhythm: Dragon Quest goes on sale in Japan on March 26, and is priced at 5,800 yen (around US$50). The game will be playable at the free Jump Festa in Chiba on December 20 and 21, where an official trailer will also debut.

Sources: 4GamerGematsu
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Featured image: Square Enix