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Slime and Metal Slime have appeared! Cue epic battle music.

Since 1986, each new Dragon Quest (originally Dragon Warrior in North America) game in the series has delighted video game enthusiasts, so much so that the Japanese government once suggested that they only release a new game on weekends due to too many people skipping school and work. It is arguably one of the most popular video game series in Japan with art by Akira Toriyama (Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z) and music that inspired Nobuo Uematsu to compose his work for Final Fantasy. The 30th anniversary of such an acclaimed series is certainly worth some special celebration and collaboration. Japanese chewing gum brand Fit’s has stepped up to the challenge with a welcome partnership with the most iconic monster in the entire series: Slime.

fits 1

The two different packages of gum come in Slime flavor and Metal Slime flavor, which translates to a zesty lime and subtle lime/mint flavor respectively. The only way to defeat these dastardly Slimes isn’t by attacking, magic or fleeing, but by using the command “eat”. Only then can you continue on your day-to-day adventures. Next time you feel like your breath is a little stinky, why don’t you gain a little XP from these Dragon Quest chewing gums and chew your heart out? You’ll be able to start your Slime hunting on August 23 at store across Japan.

Source & images: Lotte Fit’s