Japan has recently seen an increase in merchandise like “men’s bras” and “men’s panties” with designs that are practically the same as women’s versions. Which is all well and good, but it’s left us with one question: Why are we still separating men’s and women’s swimsuits?

While we suppose women probably can’t wear men’s swimsuits without Johnny Law giving them a citation or two, there’s nothing really stopping men from throwing on something like, say, a bikini. And that’s exactly what a writer from our Japanese site did! Take a trip to the beach with us and see how he liked his new swimwear!


Pictured above is P.K. Sanjun, one of the dashing (male) writers for our Japanese site, standing outside Shibuya 109, one of Tokyo’s most famous shopping destinations. If ever we were going to find the perfect bikini for P.K., this would be the place!

Heading to the swimsuit store, P.K. told the staff that he wanted the best women’s swimsuit for him. And, less than half an hour later, P.K. emerged with his purchase, a bikini set that the clerk had told him was very popular this year.

▼ You should probably imagine a Katy Perry song playing in the background.


P.K. was pleased with his service too, saying that the clerk sold him the swimsuit without any fuss. Furthermore, he was plenty pleased with his purchase, adding, “I think this will even be popular with the guys! I’m gonna throw this on and meet you at the beach!”

And so our intrepid photographer, Nakano, went to the shore and waited…

▼ Looks like great bikini weather!


Until P.K. appeared, bounding down the shore in his new swimsuit!

▼ “I’m too sexy for my shirt/Too sexy for my shirt/So sexy it hurts


While Nakano had to admit that he felt pretty embarrassed decked out in his normal street clothes, P.K. was loving his look. It might have been the lack of other beach-goers or the beautiful weather or simply the fact that he was really rocking that thong!

▼ Pamela Anderson, eat your heart out!


Ever helpful, P.K. also explained the style, telling Nakano that this year the fashion was to wear a bikini bottom over a thong. Also, a lot of people were going for turquoise accessories to give their ensemble a “South Pacific” feel.

▼ It does seem very tropical. Like a banana! In a hammock.


P.K. also offered up a few reasons why guys should consider throwing on a bikini next time they head to the beach. For example, the bikini top will stop your delicate nipples from getting badly sunburned! While we’re not sure that this is an actual problem that actual people have, his next point was a bit more believable: “The way a bikini fits just feels great!” He also pointed out that it’s a great way to get attention at the beach.

▼ This man’s nipples need not fear even the harshest sun today!


And he was certainly right about that last bit. Two locals even appeared and asked to get some photos with P.K. in his sexy outfit!


Unfortunately, not everyone was able to accept P.K.’s fashion choice–Nakano had to admit that he just couldn’t appreciate it. No matter how fit the a guy may be, Nakano just didn’t “get it.” Personally, I think he looks fine, and P.K. definitely has the confidence to pull it off!

▼ And we suspect there may be a few readers who are won over with this photo.


In the end, Nakano decided that “men wearing women’s swimsuits” wouldn’t take off. But he also had to admit that maybe in a few years, things could change. Personally, I doubt I’ll be wearing a bikini anytime soon, but if any guys feel like throwing one on, be my guest! You don’t want your precious nipples to get burned, after all.

Finally, we have a few more photos for your viewing pleasure! Check out the rest of P.K. and Nakano’s beach fun pictures below!










So, what do you think, readers? Is P.K. going to be a trend setter? Do you think this will be the new fashion to sweep the world this year? Or is he just too a little too ahead of his time?

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