Japanese fashion magazines seem to be serious in declaring the high-waist bikini the hot look for the upcoming swimsuit season. Of course, we’ve had unique fashionistas try to sell us on keyboard hats and sausage gloves, neither of which turned out to be the next big thing.

So, with just a little over a month before it’s time to hit the beach, how does the Japanese online community feel about the high-waist bikini?

This is an issue of particular importance to the female staff of our Japanese language sister site, who are always looking to stay in the upper echelons of attractiveness (although honestly, any man with taste would be throwing himself at their feet if he only knew they were affiliated with such a lofty bastion of Internet high society). They’re still on the fence about the look, which they generously described as “just a little retro.”

▼ Applying that same criteria, this ’57 Chevy Bel Air Convertible is also “just a little retro.”

Ostensibly, the theory is that making the waist look higher will visually lengthen the legs. Of course, since the wearer’s hips are still in the same place, bringing up the upper edge of the bikini bottom by necessity means covering up more skin, giving the high-waist bikini extra appeal for women searching for a more modest look while lounging on the sand or playing in the waves.

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So which side of the fence are Twitter users in Japan on? Well, let’s just say that their expectations aren’t as high as the waistlines:

“Ah man, gimme a break.”

“I really don’t think high-waist bikinis are cute.”

“I can’t find even a spec of cuteness here.”

“Not sexy….not at all.”

“This is just way too ugly to catch on.”

“Hahaha you really don’t have to make the waist that high.”

“Nothing wrong with following trends, except this one!”

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In addition, there was one image that repeatedly came to mind:

“All I’m seeing is a diaper, either for babies or senior citizens.”

“I thought it was a high-cut swimsuit for a minute, but now I see, it’s a diaper.”

“They just look like adult diapers to me.”

Still, our Japanese native staff isn’t writing off high-waist bikinis just yet. While they’re still not sure if we’re sitting on the cusp of a renaissance for the design, they don’t envision it being a deal-breaker for a girl with a cute face and nice body.

They’re absolutely right in that regard, too. Honestly, slightly suspect fashion sense is pretty low on the list of things guys will forgive when otherwise good-looking women are involved.

“Hi! I couldn’t help but notice you strangling that litter of puppies all by yourself over here. So….need any help burying the bodies in the sand?”

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Top image: Aco Design
Insert images: Wikipedia/Philafrenzy, Aco Design (12, 3)