If you spend a lot of time on the internet, like all of the RocketNews24 team does, then you can’t help but notice when a new “do this stupid thing” challenge starts going aroud. Whether it involves chugging cinnamon, blowing up your lips, or scarfing hot peppers, it’s all pretty silly stuff that normally we’re way too sophisticated to have a go at.

But something about the “hold a coke with your boobs” challenge captivated the attention of our Japanese writer P.K. So much, in fact, that he decided to have a go for himself! Warning, this post is potentially NSFW for everyone who doesn’t work in the RN24 office!

First, let’s go over the finer points of the challenge. First, you hold a bottle of coke with your boobs, then…well, that’s pretty much it. No one said this was a particularly challenging challenge.

Despite not possessing a full set of female boobies, our guy P.K. was nonetheless optimistic about his chances of pulling the trick off. “What I lack in boobage I make up for with courage!” he claimed as he grabbed a bottle of coke and set about flexing his pectorals as a warm-up.

▼ Hunnnnnnnnng!

Next, he tried to squeeze his chesty region around the coke bottle. “Oww, it hurts!” he yelled as his fellow writers looked on.

Finally, he managed to get the bottle wedged between each nipple with the help of a lot of hand work.

▼ Success!

▼ The ultimate test – can he drink the coke like that?


Guys, why let the ladies have all the fun? Do like P.K. and put your chest to the test!

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