men's tank

Last week, Japan’s CyberAgent invited women to share their thoughts regarding men’s summer fashion via a survey on anonymous online bulletin board GIRL’S TALK. While the poll in itself was in no way earth-shattering, the results showed that guys who are wanting to impress the ladies may want to think twice before putting on that tank top or swimsuit before heading out for the day.

A whopping 43% of the women who responded to the survey said that they disliked men wearing tank tops, leaving comments such as “I don’t like to see his underarm hair sticking out” and “I don’t like having his armpits in view while eating.” At this rate, men going au naturel will be out of vogue…

▼Just be thankful he doesn’t resemble a Wookiee:


In addition, 27% confirmed that they have experienced disillusionment after seeing a guy in his bathing suit:

“When I saw his stomach flab, my seemingly eternal love disappeared in a heartbeat.”

“I felt a sense of defeat seeing my flabby guy next to a toned guy in the pool.”

“He was so pale that he blended in with the beach itself…”

C’mon, isn’t that being a little harsh, ladies? Not all men need to have a physique for competing on Ninja Warrior…


On the other hand, the majority 73% of women who responded that they have never experienced disillusionment with their guy’s swimsuit body seemed to have found their boyfriends on that show:

“I fell in love all over again with his gorgeous bod!”

“My heart beat faster after seeing his chiseled abs.” 

▼We’re also betting that these guys could give a lot of men a run for their money…


But thank goodness that there ARE some kind souls out there–a few women had encouraging things to say, like “He had a little belly but it was cute,” and “I won’t hate him no matter what he looks like.” Here’s to a summer of fun in the sun, without worrying about body type!

Source: Niconico News
Images: Yahoo! Japan Shopping – Adamas, CalFinderWarosuMy Game News Flash