The cuckoo clock has been around for over 100 years, and has been enjoyed by generation after generation. Maybe your grandparents had one, or perhaps you even had one in your own home.

But now, watch maker SeaHope and a Japanese toy company have paired up to bring this classic to a new generation in a more portable size with: the Cuckoo Watch!

While this watch is still in the development stage, SeaHope has already created a prototype utilizing special micro technology to duplicate the cute time-keeping cuckoo into a mini, wearable size.


Features of the watch will include an alarm setting, in which the bird pops out and in, just like the normal cuckoo clocks everyone is familiar with; an hourly chime, in which the cuckoo chirps once; nighttime mode to help save battery life and in which the cuckoo sleeps from midnight to 7am; both digital and analogue time display; calendar function; and both 12- and 24-hour time available on the digital display.



SeaHope has already created a number of other fun and different watches in the past, but they still need help in mass-producing their newest cuckoo creation. If you’d like to see the Cuckoo Watch become a reality, you can support them or watch their progress at their Indiegogo page.

Source and images: Indiegogo