An elegant and simple aid for avid readers has arrived.

From the art-and-science-fusing mind of designer Kouichi Okamoto comes the “Bookmark Light,” available through the Kyouei Design website for 2,128 yen (US$21) with shipping. Okamoto has brought us many unique interpretations of everyday items like a clock made from two balls floating in water or a mountain-shaped dinner plate.

As the name aptly sums up, the Bookmark Light functions as a regular paper-thin bookmark by day, but at night it can go to work as a light by simply pinching a watch battery (lithium CR2032) between both ends.

It works using a special nanoparticle ink that conducts electricity much like that of the AgIC pen featured in Kandenko’s commercial. When in contact with the battery, the ink will send power to two LEDs attached to the middle and light up your life.

The animated gif at the top demonstrates how simple yet effective the Bookmark Light is to use. However, we strongly endorse reading books that have actual words in them.

Source: Kyouei Design (Japanese/English) via Karapaia (Japanese)
Images: Kyouei Design