Never miss your stop on the train or make your bedmate get up earlier than necessary again.

Office equipment and gadget provider King Jim proclaims the company’s mission as being “To help create a rich business space and a pleasant social environment.” To that end, it’s developed a steady stream of just-so-crazy-they-might-work solutions to everyday problems, such as the wearable futon and a secret potato chip file so that you can keep a stash of snacks at your desk without anyone being the wiser.

King Jim’s latest product is an alarm clock, which sounds like a surprisingly mundane venture for the organization. As always, though, King Jim is thinking outside the box, and its new alarm clock is silent.

It’s called the Mezamashi Earphone (“Alarm Earphone”). Rather than waking you up with music, an overly enthusiastic radio host, or the traditional alarm clock blare/buzz that makes seething hatred your first waking emotion, the Mezamashi Earphone uses vibration to coax you out of slumber.

ME 1

Inside the unit’s 10.6-centimeter (4.2-inch) long body is a motor, powered by a single AAA battery, that causes the earbuds to shake. The motion will rouse you from your sleep without being an audible nuisance to anyone else. That makes it perfect for commuters and travelers who were lucky enough to grab a seat on the train or bus and want to catch a few Zs, but are worried about sleeping through their stop.

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The Mezamashi Earphone would also be perfect for people taking a power nap in the office during their break, or for students who don’t want to lose track of time while studying in the library, both places where loud, sudden noises aren’t really welcomed.

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Someone else who’d appreciate the benefits of the gadget? Anyone who works a much earlier shift than their spouse, and doesn’t want to wake their better half up earlier than necessary in the morning.

The Mezamashi Earphone looks to be user-friendly in a number of ways. The alarm can be set for both a specific time or as a countdown, and there are three levels of vibration strength to choose from. The cord wraps around the unit’s body, and by attaching a smartphone or MP3 player, you can even use the earphones to listen to the device’s audio.

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King Jim lists the Mezamashi Earphone at 6,000 yen (US$54). It’s set to go on sale April 22, so hang in there staying awake on the train for just one more month.

Source: IT Media
Images: King Jim