Capsule toys are basically just useless collector’s items that you can buy in Akihabara and other areas of Japan where nerds hang out. They almost always cost one single coin; That is, deceptively, 500 yen (US$5) or less, because that’s the largest coin currency available in Japan.

They’re usually a cheap pickup that combine the low cost of molded plastic trinkets with the inherent collector’s value of some popular video game or anime characters. Of course, there are also capsule toys like these that defy any explanation whatsoever and seemingly exist just to capture the attention of extremely drunk or eccentric people.





This exercise in surrealism comes at seemingly no provocation from an artist at Bandai’s capsule toy department because reasons. Included in the set are cuckoo clocks that have legs and an affinity for coffee breaks, pelt rugs that read books and, ominously, trophy animal heads that have sprouted whole bodies, hammers, and a murderous lust for revenge.

There’s an official backstory to the items that involves a hunter getting drunk on wine, turning off all the lights and finding that his big game trophies have come to life. Why these toys needed a backstory is unknown but we give props to Bandai for taking the time to – probably while drunk themselves – develop one anyway.


Each of these capsule toys can be yours for 300 yen ($2.93).

Source: ITMedia