Six different limited-edition models could be yours for just 51,700 yen (US$488.37) each!

Japanese watch maker Seiko doesn’t just make fancy luxury wristwatches; they also make beautiful and stylishly themed ones, too. They team up with all kinds of popular franchises, like Godzilla and Ghibli, to produce watches for diehard fans that are not only well-designed with the theme in mind but completely functional and wearable in any setting.

In fact, fans of Street Fighter will want to check out their latest line of Seiko 5 Sports watches. The collection features six characters from Street Fighter V represented on six different watches, which will all be available only in limited quantities, so if you’re a big fan, you’ll probably want to save some money!

Ryu’s watch has a white band and face, like the color of his gi, and a red and black rim, like the colors of his headband and hair. It looks battle-worn, as if it’s undergone the same intensive training that Ryu has, but otherwise it’s a simple and stoic model that represents Ryu’s personality. In the place of the “9” on the face, a simplified form of the phrase “風林火山 (furinkazan)” is inscribed, which is from Sun Tzu’s Art of War and means “Move as swift as a wind, stay as silent as a forest, attack as fierce as fire, [have] undefeatable defense like a mountain.”

Chun-li’s watch is blue, gold, and silver, the colors of her outfit, but with the numbers of the clock printed on the rim in ornate gold lettering, it gives off both an air of femininity and of strength. Under the number 12 is the decorative symbol that appears on her costume, and the sharp arrows at the 6 and 9 represent the deadly spikes on her bracelets.

Ken’s model, on the other hand, represents all fire and fight, representing his showy fight style. The watch is black and red, like his costume, and takes his burning passion to always become stronger as a motif. Of course, his trademark blonde locks are represented in the gold edges of the watch’s bezel. The face of the watch is also given an angular line design based on the one on Ken’s shirt.

Guile’s watch looks fit for a military fighter. With an all-black rim, white lettering, camouflage face, and dark brown strap, this watch brings all of Guile’s hard-as-rock, cool-and-collected, sometimes hot-headed personality into play. There’s even a dog tag at the number 9, and his U.S. Air Force insignia at the number 6.

The fifth watch in the collection brings all the chaotic monster energy of Blanka in its green, orange, and yellow design. The strap features his green and orange coloring, and the rim of the watch’s face–which has a swirly green design representing his trademark Vertical Roll attack–has yellow electrical currents painted across it to represent his electricity-generating powers. In each of the numbers’ places are also pointy arrows meant to imitate his sharp fangs.

Finally, the last watch in the collection is inspired by Zangief. This watch radiates all of Zangief’s raw power and energy. It’s got a red and yellow watch strap, a red face, and a tan-colored rim, to represent his clothing and his beefy muscles. The black numbers–like his jet black hair–are printed huge on the face for maximum impact, and a faint swirling design in the red of the face represents Cyclone Lariat, a special move that he uses to whip adversaries towards him.

Each of these watches are Seiko 5 Sports watches, which means they’re mechanical watches with the day and date displayed in the trademark 3 o’clock position. They’re also made of stainless steel and are water resistant, and their straps are made with either canvas, calfskin leather, or nylon, so they’re of high quality and durable. These particular models aren’t available yet, but will be released on September 26.

They’ll retail for 51,700 yen (US$488.37), but will be limited to just 9,999 models each, so you will want to act fast if you want one (or all!).

Source, images: PR Times
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