I don’t know about you, but eating fruit as a kid was kind of a chore. Sure, fruit tasted good, but candy tasted so much better. Now that I’m a fully-functioning adult, though, I eat fruit for fun and candy isn’t all that appealing any more.

But this handy device might help to make a lot of people’s childhoods much sweeter since it enables you to combine fruit and sweet, sweet candy into one treat. Behold: the banana-stuffer, aka “Sonna Choco Banana!”

The device is available from toy manufacturor Takara-Tomy and is simple enough to be used by a child. It retails for 2,480 yen (US$20) and goes on sale in Japan next month. It looks a little fiddly and complicated to use, but it actually couldn’t be simpler, as this handy instructional video/commercial shows!

Naturally, you’re not limited to chocolate – you can also stuff your banana with things like cream and jam, as well. Since most of the appeal is in the banana-stuffing gimmick, coupled with the fact that this is ostensibly a child’s toy, we can gloss over the fact that it would probably be simpler just to cut up some bananas and pour stuff over them. Because where’s the fun in that?

▼ Er, is it us, or is this commercial slightly disturbing?

▼ These girls look like they’ve had a bit too much sugar for one day…

We’d probably choose to grab some Nutella or marshmallow fluff over wasting time melting chocolate. Peanut butter would probably taste awesome, too. What would you stuff your banana with?

Source: Takara-Tomy
Images: Screenshots via YouTube/Taka Tomy Arts