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Sliced bread. The smartphone. A computer that sits on your lap. The flying buttress. Occasionally, a new person or thing comes along that proves to be a total game changer; something that completely redefines the way you look at and interact with the world around you.

This unassuming device is one of those: A contraption that literally injects chocolate into a banana, forever rendering the humble banana into an amazing new food group and essentially negating any nutritional value the protein-packed fruit once had (not that this bothers us).

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Takara Tomy A.R.T.S, the mad scientist cousin of toy manufacturer Takara Tomy, earlier this year released the Sonna! Chocobana-na food toy that kids and – who are we kidding here? – adults can use to literally inject chocolate and any other viscous liquid into the center of a banana before it’s even been peeled.

The seemingly nonsensical name is actually a play on a play on words. The original phrase, Sonna Banana!, being a phrase meaning “That kind of banana!,” with the joke being that it sounds very similar to the common Sonna Baka na!, meaning, “It can’t be!” The Japanese love them some puns.

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To operate the toy/greatest invention ever, consumers use the included “banana cutter,” a kid-safe implement that sheers off the nub at the end of the banana, then affix the banana to the inject-y thing and turn the dial to core out a thin shaft in the center of the banana. After that, it’s just a matter of using the included applicator or a squeeze bottle to apply your filling of choice. This could be chocolate, jam or jelly, peanut butter, or toothpaste if you want to prank your friends.

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The possibilities here are obviously limited only by your imagination and, we guess, the state of the matter you want to inject (we would recommend against plasma or gasses of any kind). Heck, you could even blend another banana and inject the liquid banana into your banana. Bananaception!

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Obviously, the real genius of the device is that it allows you to do all this before you peel the banana, so there’s no mess and you can even make a bunch of chocolate-filled bananas at one time; perfect for hosting children’s birthday parties or a few drunk adults.

We predict the Sonna! Chocobana-na will be a fixture in most households by early 2016.

Editor’s note: As some readers have pointed out, we previously covered Sonna! Chocobana-na last spring. We blame our forgetfulness on a combination of the rush of giddy joy we feel whenever we hear about this amazing invention and our dedication to taste-testing as much Japanese beer as possible. We apologize to any banana-hating readers who were offended by the fruit’s repeat appearance, and ask that you please accept this picture of Mr. Sato groveling for forgiveness.

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Source: Togech
Top image: Takara Tomy A.R.T.S
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